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Isn't it time you visited Europe? Go ahead. Choose a destination. Visit France for it’s world famous museums and fine French cuisine, or siesta in Spain after the heart-racing excitement of a bull fight. Magnificent castles of Ireland are waiting to be rediscovered. Royalty, pomp and circumstance are what England has to offer. For you golf aficionados, Scotland boasts some of the finest courses, and skiing couldn't be better than in the Swiss Alps.

Visit Italy! Bed and Breakfast Inns are here are affordable and comfortable .Be sure you visit the historic centre of Rome. The Colosseum, Vatican City, S.Giovanni Church, Venice Square, and Roman Forum await your presence.

Do not miss Venice or the Opera Season in the Arena di Verona. Leonardo exhibition in Florence at the Uffizi Gallery. Italian cooking is its healthy and you will really enjoy the thousands of restaurants. Discover Regional Specialties & Recipes... Enjoy Wines by Region...

Austria is a wonderful country to visit. Vienna hosts one of the most prestigious wine tasting events in Europe. Visit Austria and celebrate Mozart's 250 birthday. Beautiful Hotels and cottages await you. Your journey will be filled with the most wonderful music.

No matter, which dream vacation you choose, International BB Inns will help you find accommodations in Europe. So visit Europe. It’s time

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